Print on demand.

Our lucrative dropshipping platform allows you to sell your merch without any expenses or storage needs. We'll do the heavy lifting, you focus on building your brand. 

  • Set your own prices
  • Choose your profit margins
  • No capital needed
  • Hosting included
  • Use your own domain

Glossy Black Cockatoos fundraising campaign from Brisbane Birds, 2020.

Step 1

Set up an online store,
upload your designs,
create unique products.

Step 2

Style your website,
promote your brand,
build an audience.

Step 3

As your products sell,
we print, pack & ship them,
direct to your customers.

Step 4

Get paid commission
on every sale,
you set your profit margins!

Start Your Online Store Now

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So how does it actually work?

We've got a warehouse full of custom printing infrastructure, experienced staff and have spent over 8 years perfecting our processes. Print-on-demand (also known as Dropshipping) is a platform for you to have award-winning print facilities at your disposal, without the hefty investment or staff. Leave the hard work to us so you can focus on making your brand or charity as well presented as possible.

For example, selling a custom-printed AS Colour Staple through our Print-on-demand platform:

Retail for $25 and
make $6.25 per tee

Retail for $30 and
make $11.25 per tee

Retail for $40 and
make $21.25 per tee

Retail for $50 and
make $31.25 per tee

No minimums & no costs

Because we print every order on demand you don't need to pay for anything upfront. It's literaly free to start your own website. This is perfect if you're a designer, artist, in a band or have your own small business and want to sell your own merch. 

Easy & quick to set up

The great part about dropshipping is that you can create designs and go to market quickly. This means you can react to trends and utilise social media to quickly grow your business.  Most people are up and selling their own products within the same day.

Retail quality, award winning printing

We use some of the best printing equipment in the world and have people and processes to match, which is why we are an award winning printer.

Fast turnaround in Australia

We've handpicked a selection of the best brands to offer our Dropshipping clients, and can ensure that items are ordered, stocked, printed, packaged and delivered to your customers from 4–5 business days (printing on Stedman or Next Level), or 7–10 business days (printing on all other brands).

Stedman or Next Level
4–5 business days

Everything else
7–10 business days

Huge range of personalised items on offer

We can print mugs, t shirts, tote bags, cushion covers, tea towels, pillow cases and so much more. If there's anything we don't have, just let us know and we'll look into it for you.

Make money with dropshipping

Most of our stores aim to sell an AS Colour t-shirt with a design printed on it for $40. This means they would make nearly $20 per item. And you can sell it for higher or lower as you're in control of how much you sell your garments for. Our pricing is sharp enough that you can make a good margin on the products you sell. 

Sell your own merchandise easily

We've really made it easy with an online dropshipping platform that you can get up and running quickly. The best parts to dropshipping are that it minimises risks because you have no money to pay upfront. You can offer a wide variety of niche t shirts which will give you an edge over your competitors.

We see great success stories when our shop owners (like you) get to focus on what really matters, such as growing your business & brand. We do all the hard work and you get to do the fun stuff! Such as reacting to trends on social media and the news to really capitalise on things that people are interested in. Or spend your time designing and illustrating rather than focusing on how to ship items around the world.

Start a webstore

Okay, okay, okay, you're ready. Let's get you dropshipping.

Getting Started

Initial considerations

Before you get started, it's important you know what you want to do with your online store. Do you want to set it up as a retail brand, selling set products? Or do you want to sell artwork that people can choose to print on shirts or other items? You can pick one style or offer both.

Signing up

1. Head over to the signup page here

2. Fill out the forms and choose a site name (don't worry, you can change this later)

Creating your first product

Go to decorated products

  • Click on create decorated products

  • Choose a product to start with

  • Click Save and Continue.

  • Click Add Design and upload your artwork (see here for artwork recommendations and tips)

  • Click Save and Continue.

  • Type in a name for your product

# there’s an option called Append Product Name which will automatically add the name of the product next to the name you gave. We would advise against this, perhaps naming your product "my design name mens tee" or “my design name unisex tee” for example.

# there’s an option to allow users to customise the design or not. We recommend selecting ‘do not allow users to customise the design’ for retail stores.  

  • Add a product description talking about the design and also the material and size info of the product you chose.

  • Choose a category or make a new category. Some examples could be; new arrivals, winter 2019, popular, mens, womens or anything you want. You can edit and change this later.

  • Click Save and Continue.

  • The next page lets you choose if you want to have multiple colours available for this design you’ve created. Leave it as if you want to allow all the colours available or if you want to only have 1 colour available just untick the all colours box and select the colour you want.

# Be careful that your design looks nice on all colours, i.e a white design will look good on a dark garment but might not look nice on a white t shirt.

  • Click Save and Continue

  • Next check your pricing and you’re done!

#you can edit your pricing by unticking use store markup and typing in the sale price you want (see How to set your selling price for more detailed information)

Repeat this process for each of your designs.

Other tips for creating decorated products

Ticking the featured product checkbox will put this product in the featured product widget, which you can add to your page from the edit website section. 

You can use related products to suggest other items for customers to buy, and this displays below a certain product that customers are viewing. To enable thiis on a product, just go to configure product and click related products.

To rearrange the order of products in your store, click on sort/categorize.

Using your own images for products

You can change the default image that shows up for your products easily. To do this you;

  • Go to decorated products

  • Click configure

  • Click listing image

  • Upload a photo

Artwork recommendations

The key to getting a quality print is your design file. It needs to be high-res and crisp. The way to check this is to zoom in on the design on your computer monitor so the design is as big as you want it printed in real life. If it looks neat and crisp (not pixelated) then it will print well. Make sure your files are at least 300dpi, and if that doesn't make sense to you, ask a Graphic Designer to help prepare your files. If you are ever unsure if something will print well or not you can always email the design in to us to check here.

  • 300dpi png files

  • a transparent background

  • Cropped / trimmed to the image

  • Make the image size the size you would like it printed

Editing the website layout

Click on edit website on the left side of your admin screen. From here you can change the branding, colours, text and themes for the entire website by clicking Design. To edit a website individually you just click on the page you want to edit from the pages tab or create a new page or clone an old page. To add photo's, text boxes, banners or video's you click the widgets button on the left.

Editing the menu and removing options you don't need

The templates have all Print Bar's selling options on by default when you start your website. You may want to remove some of the options such as; allowing customers to upload their own designs, swithching off Print Bar's default design gallery, hiding pages, etc.   See this video and the below instructions for turning off some of the features if you want your website to have more of a retail label focus.

To delete the default designs the Print Bar has available

Click on Store Designs, then go to the category you want to delete and click 'delete' or 'make private' if you want to keep it available for the future. Also if you want to only show decorated products and not show the designs separately you can go to the 'edit website' section and navigate to the Designs Page and turn off this page.

To turn off or hide menus

To hide menu options and pages such as 'Quick Quote, Designs, Create, Designer, etc' you navigate to the page in the 'edit website' section and then untick the 'Show in menu' button. 

To switch off the custom design app

Click on Designer Settings, then navigate to 'Allow Online Designer', select 'No'.

Making bank

The best part of our online ecommerce platform is that you're in control of how much you make per shirt. 

You set your own sale price above our 'wholesale' prices which are 25% less than our online prices. For example if you sold your garments for $40 it would look like this;

$40 (sale price) - $25 (cost of t-shirt) + $6.25 (25% wholesale discount) = $21.25 profit

Setting your selling price

You can set a default markup storewide by going to Price Settings, most of our stores set this at a fixed amount of $17.04 which makes the AS Colour branded t shirts sell for $40 each automatically. But you can also override this price on a per product basis. This is the final step you go through when you create a product. To change the price you untick use store markup and type in the “ex gst” price. If you want to sell for $40 you need to make sure the ex gst price is $36.36. There’s a handy calculator here to help.

Adding a custom domain name

1. Register a custom domain name with a hosting provider

2. Point the domain to our server using the below DNS settings

Using as an example:

Record Type







Make sure to add your domain twice onto your site, once with www and once without. So that both and work when they are typed into a browser. You should then set the one with www as the primary.

Once you've done this, log back into your website and;

  • click domain settings

  • Type in your domain name and click add

Now your custom domain is all set up and ready to go.

If you already have a website and just want to create a subdomain on your current website such as then you can follow the below steps instead.

Sub domain DNS records

When setting up a subdomain for a site, you'll need to add a single DNS record with your desired subdomain set as the hostname.

Record Type






Once you have done this, then log back into your website and;

  • click domain settings

  • Type in your domain name and click add

Now your custom sub domain is all set up and ready to go.

Common questions

When and how do I get paid?

We pay you commissions that you earn from every sale once per month. This gets paid directly into your PayPal account. You'll see a tally of your sales and outstanding commission payments when you log into the dashboard of your online store. To make sure you receive your commision payments you need to set up a PayPal account and enter the details into the store by following the below steps

  • Click commissions

  • Click PayPal commision settings

  • Enter your PayPal address

How long does it take until my customers get their products?

Your clients will have their items in 7 business days from placing their order.

How do the garments get shipped out?

We ship our products out in plain packaging.

Will my customers know it's from The Print Bar?

No, because we ship our products out in plain packaging your customers won't know that it came from us.

Who handles customer service?

When an order is placed your customers create an account. When they log in to this account there is an online portal where your customers can enquire about their order and our Print Bar sales team will help them out. So you can focus on growing your business and leave all the hard work to us. 

What if I have an existing website?

Our system is a completely free hosted website platform with ecommerce. But you are welcome to keep your existing website and there are 3 ways to do this. 

  • Embed our store into your website using an iframe (note we do not integrate with Shopify yet but we are working on this) 
  • Use a subdomain for the shop. ie.
  • Or use a reverse proxy. See the post about adding a blog to your website for information on how to do a reverse proxy.

How to add a blog to your site?

If you want to add a blog (or any website) to your site and have it display under your domain name, you can by following these steps.

  • Click on Website Pages
  • Click to create new page
  • Click on Advanced Settings down the bottom
  • Click "Page Status"
  • Select "Embed External Website"
  • In External Site URL put the full URL of your external website. i.e.
  • In Your Site URL put the URL that the external website content will appear on your site. i.e. "blog" for 
  • Check both Rewrite Links and Rewrite Javascript Links to ensures links in your external embedded site work within our site

It's important that you now block google from indexing and being able to search the original website. This will avoid your SEO being affected by duplicate content. 

You need to ensure the original source website is set to noindex i.e. <meta name="robots" content="noindex, follow">. With WordPress this can be done via a plugin or by WordPress settings.

You then want to "remove" that tag from the content shown on our website. Therefore, you go back to Advanced Settings add the following rule in the next section Content Rewriting Filters:

Find: <meta name="robots" content="noindex, follow">
Replace: (leave blank)

Can I sell other items in my store that I've already made?

Unfortunately we don't offer this service for the time being. 

Do you offer free shipping?

Yes we offer free shipping for orders that are over $100.

Can you do custom promotions for my store?

No, sorry we can't do custom promotions for your store at the moment. i.e buy 1 get 1 free etc. But we do have a discount system in place such as 5 items or more you get 5% off your order, 10 items = 10%, 20 items = 15%, 30 items = 20%

Do you do samples or prototypes?

The way to order prototypes is to place and pay for an order through your store (you will have to pay your retail pricing, but you will get that commision back at the end of the month).

What happens when Print Bar is out of stock of an item?

We take items that are out of stock off the website. In the rare occasion an item is out of stock it is typicaly out of stock for 2 - 3 weeks.

Do you have any examples of stores that we can see?

Yes check out

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