Print on demand.

Our dropshipping platform allows you to make money by selling your own merch, all without spending a cent.


Step 1

Set up your own store & upload your designs

Step 2

Share your designs to make sales

Step 3

We print & ship direct to your clients

Step 4

You get paid

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Why the Print Bar is the Print On Demand partner for you.

No minimums & no costs

Because we print every order on demand you don't need to pay for anything upfront. It's literaly free to start your own website. This is perfect if you're a designer, artist, in a band or have your own small business and want to sell your own merch. 

Easy & quick to set up

The great part about dropshipping is that you can create designs and go to market quickly. This means you can react to trends and utilise social media to quickly grow your business.  Most people are up and selling their own products within the same day.

Retail quality, award winning printing

We use some of the best printing equipment in the world and have people and processes to match, which is why we are an award winning printer.

Fast turnaround in Australia

Because our printing studio is in Brisbane, we can print and ship Australia wide within 7 business days.

Huge range of personalised items on offer

We can print mugs, t shirts, tote bags, cushion covers, tea towels, pillow cases and so much more. If there's anything we don't have, just let us know and we'll look into it for you.

Make money with dropshipping

Most of our stores aim to sell an AS Colour t shirt with a design printed on it for $40. This means they would make nearly $20 per item. And you can sell it for higher or lower as you're in control of how much you sell your garments for. Our pricing is sharp enough that you can make a good margin on the products you sell. 

Some recent prints by The Print Bar dropshipping team

Common questions?

When do I get paid?

We pay you commissions that you earn from every sale once per month. This gets paid directly into your pay pal account. You'll see a tally of your sales and outstanding commission payments when you log into the dashboard of your online store.

How much can I make per shirt?

The best part of our online ecommerce platflorm is that you're in control of how much you make per shirt. We offer you a 15% discount (to what we charge on The Print Bar's online site) and then you can also set what pricing you want above that. You then keep the 15% and the amount that you set.

How long does it take until my customers get their products?

Your clients will have their items in 7 business days from placing their order.

How do the garments get shipped out? Will they know it's from The Print Bar?

We ship our products out in plain packaging so that your customers don't know that it came from us.

Who handles customer service?

We have an online portal where your customers can enquire about their order and our Print Bar sales team will help them out. So you can focus on growing your business and leave all the hard work to us.

What if I have an existing website?

You could embed the store into your current site or make it a sub-domain of your current site.

Can I choose whatever domain I want?

Yes you can. Inititally, you'll have to choose a temporary domain name when you first set up your site through us, but as soon as you're in the backend and setting up your website you can buy your own domain name and use that for your store. (Note: you'll need your domain provider to map this for you)

How do I design the layout of my store?

Once you've signed up to create your website through us, you'll need to log in and go to 'edit website', 'website pages' and then choose a theme. Once you've done this you can customise the website easily, add content, photos and change colours, etc.


Start setting up your free dropshipping store and earn commissions now!


Sell your own merchandise easily

We've really made it easy with an online dropshipping platform that you can get up and running quickly. The best parts to dropshipping are that it minimises risks because you have no money to pay upfront. You can offer a wide variety of niche t shirts which will give you an edge over your competitors.


We see great success stories when our shop owners (like you) get to focus on what really matters, such as growing your business & brand. We do all the hard work and you get to do the fun stuff! Such as reacting to trends on social media and the news to really capitalise on things that people are interested in. Or spend your time designing and illustrating rather than focusing on how to ship items around the world.


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