How to start a t-shirt business online

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Work smarter, not harder. With the Print Bar Australia you can set up a t-shirt business for $0 and make bank the smart way. Our Print-On-Demand platform gives you all the tools you need to to sell your ideas & designs online without any expenses or storage needed.

  • Set your prices
  • Choose your profit margins
  • No capital needed
  • Secure hosting included
  • Domain included or use your own

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Step 1

Setup an online store,
upload designs,
& create products.

Step 2

Style your website,
promote your store,
build a following.

Step 3

When you sell products,
we print, package & post them,
straight to your customers.

Step 4

Get paid commission
on every sale,
you set your the margins!

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Start a t shirt printing business in 24 hours

When we launched our dropshipping ecommerce platform, we initially wanted it to be a vehicle that helped small businesses, charities, bands & artists to get printed t shirts out to the public to build their profiles without having to spend any money. We didn't realise how powerful a tool it would be for entrepreneurs wanting to start their own t shirt businesses online.

When we saw some of the different types of stores that were starting to use our dropshipping platform, we soon realised that it is a great way to make money. You create the store, and present your brand with our inbuilt website-maker, and we'll take care of all the heavy lifting, no strings attached. 

To give you an idea of profits, you could sell a custom-printed AS Colour Staple through our Print-on-demand platform like so:

Retail for $25 and
make $6.25 per tee

Retail for $30 and
make $11.25 per tee

Retail for $40 and
make $21.25 per tee

Retail for $50 and
make $31.25 per tee

Why partner with the Print Bar

When you partner with us, you get the full confidence of an award winning print company, giving you proven print quality and service. We've now got lots of partners who are growing their stores and they've chosen us for these reasons and how easy it is to set up a store. You don't have to do any of the hard work by learning how to print, handle customer enquiries or dealing with freight companies. We do all this for you and you can focus on the fun stuff such as marketing and growing your brand.

15% commission on sales = potential for a huge income

We pay one of the highest commision rates and let you set your sale price, which means that you can earn a large amount of money. The only thing you will need to do is get traffic to your website and focus on marketing. 

Types of t shirt businesses you can start online

There are a heap of different t shirt businesses you could start online such as an ecommerce store selling;

  • Custom printed t-shirts
  • Band merch
  • Politically inspired designs
  • Fundraising
  • Funny t-shirts
  • Your own artwork
  • Merch for your current shop or business

Perfect for entrepreneurs and influencers

This is a great system for entrepreneurs and influencers because it's quick to set up and once it's up and running it could grow itself. Especially if you have a good social media presence  or fan base.

Quick t shirt printing in Australia

We have options available to suit a wide range of customers with some of our t shirts available for same day or next day delivery to Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth and Australia wide.

Not just t shirts

We also offer personalise printing onto items such as bags, mugs cushions, pillow cases, tea towels and if there's anything you would like us to offer just let us know. We are flexible and want to help you grow.

Profit that you can make per t shirt

If you wanted to sell your custom designs online, you could sell them for $40 and  make nearly $20 per AS Colour t shirt you sell in profit.

A referral system with real benefits

We want you to become financially independant and have set up a referral system that helps to increase your profit by offering you 2% commission from sales other dropshipping stores make when they open a store via your site. All you need to do is add a 'start your own store' link to your website and everything is automated.

Setup your free dropshipping store and start earning commissions now!

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