Love a yarn? Well here's everything you need to know about one of the world's oldest decorative processes.

So what's emroidery then?

Embroidery is essentially decorating a garment with a needle and thread. It’s been a staple in making garments look great for thousands of years and is most definitely an artform in itself. For most of history embroidery was done painstakingly by hand, until Josue Heilmann invented the first sewing machine in 1846. In the decades that followed, the course of an entire industry shifted and nowadays embroidery can be achieved with pinpoint accuracy, thanks to computers and dedicated software. This means logos, words, and imagery can all be embroidered with absolute clarity. On the opposite end, there’s been a growing hand embroidery movement over the last few years, returning the creative craft to the handmade.

Why should I use The Print Bar for embroidery?

For quality embroidery services, extensive thread options, quick turnaround and retail quality outcomes, look no further! Whether it’s a simple monogram to a complex multi-colour design, you can order personalised garments with ease using our Online Designer. Simply upload your logo/design onto the garment of choice, choose a size & colour, and have a quote in realtime. 

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What garments suit embroidery?

We offer high quality embroidery on garments such as polo’s, button-up shirts, uniforms and caps. It’s primarily tailored towards workwear but we do a lot of fashion embroidery work on t-shirts and jackets as well. We stock a heap of brands that suit embroidery such as Biz Collection and AS Colour. The AS Colour caps are well suited to embroidery because of their quality.

How does the pricing work for embroidery?

Embroidery is charged per stitch, so the bigger your design is, the more expensive it will be. There are also bulk discounts for volume orders, and our Online Designer will display the discounted price for you once you enter the quantity required. If your order is over 20 units, it’s best to email our sales team for a customised quote.

What type of designs suit embroidery?

Although almost any designs, including photographs, can be embroidered, simple and bold designs are more suitable for embroidery. Be mindful of the finer details in your design, because small details do not embroider very clearly. If you’re unsure if your artwork will suit embroidery, please email us!

How long does embroidery take?

Embroidery can take 7–10 working days to complete as there are a few finicky steps that need carried out to ensure the best results. If you need your newly embroidered garments by a certain date, please get in contact and let us know so we can work that into our schedule.


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