How To Fold A T-Shirt

Some helpful tips on folding t shirts.


T-shirts are a wardrobe staple that everyone has at least a few of in their closet. They are easy to dress up or down, are cozy and comfortable, and are often nostalgic memorabilia. The challenge is that tees can take up a lot of space making folding the best way to go. When folded right your tees will take up less space and won’t wrinkle. Here are a few folding tips and tricks.

Fast And Easy For Stacking, Packing, And Storage—Just 2 Seconds!

While it’s tempting to fold your shirt in half lengthwise you will likely end up with a crease down the center. Instead, you want to fold your shirt so that the fold lines are closer to the shoulders, which are more likely to release when unfolded. This video shows you a 2-second trick perfect for stacking your t-shirts in your closet or packing them in your luggage without wrinkles and creases. This is also the perfect way to fold tees for seasonal or long-term storage.

The Marie Kondo’s Folding Method

Marie Kondo is the star of Netflix’s new show Tidying Up With Marie Kondo. She is an author and expert in the Konmari Method of tidying. One of her key principles is to fold all t-shirts and tank tops. However, she doesn’t take the traditional stacked approach because a big flat stack is harder to keep organized. A flat stack also makes it harder to find the shirt you are looking for. Instead, she suggests folding shirts into a triangle of sorts and place them vertically in a box or drawer. It takes a bit longer than the method above but is clean and organized. Here’s how.

If you are using Marie Kondo’s method you can invest in decorative boxes and baskets or use shoe box to organize your tees. To keep the 2-second fold organized try to stack by color, size, or t-shirt style. Happy folding!

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