Frequently Asked Questions

What are your shipping options? 
  1. Pick Up! - Which is free!
  2. Standard - $10 per order or FREE if you spend over $100. Shipped within 7 - 10 business days
  3. Rush Delivery! Priced per item depending on how quickly you need them! Even if you need it within 24 hours!

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How long does it take? 

We take roughly 7 - 10 business days to print and deliver your order. If you need your order quickly or by a certain date we can easily do this if you place your order online and choose one of our 'rush' options during the 'shipping' section of checkout.

How much does it cost? 

Pricing for 1 off t shirts starts at $15 per shirt including printing.

Bulk orders can go down to as low as $5 - $15 a shirt including printing depending on the qty you are after.

How can I get a quote or place an order? 

Check out the 'Design Online' tab for smaller orders or our bulk printing page for large orders - here you can put together your design, generate a quote and also select your shipping method (or choose to pick up from us.)

Follow these steps;

  1. Select Garments & Size
  2. Add text or upload a design from your desktop
  3. You're done!

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Alternatively we would love to hear from you, so email us with how many shirts you would like and include your designs so we can give you a quote.

How do we tell if the garment will fit? 

You're welcome to pop into our store Monday to Friday 9am-5pm to try on our garments or you can check out the size information in the 'product info' tab when you are designing online. To get the perfect fit follow these steps;

Follow these steps;

  1. ​Grab a garment that fits you really well
  2. Lay it flat on a table, and measure it armpit to armpit
  3. Compare these sizes to the sizes listed on our site
Do you offer discounts for bulk orders? 

Yes. For full colour printing on t shirts we offer these discounts;

  • 5% off for 5 garments
  • 10% for 10 garments
  • 15% for 20 garments
  • 20% for 30 garments

If you want to get the biggest discount, it is best to order over 20 garments. If you can limit the colours in your design to between 1 - 6 colours, then the pricing is significantly less and could range from between $5 - $15 per t shirt including printing. Check our or our bulk printing page for a more detailed quote or email sales@theprintbar.com

Not As Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know that your quality is good? 

All of our prints are 'retail quality' and we’ve won awards for our prints. We've had the pleasure of printing with many companies, bands, fashion labels and groups such as;

  • Brisbane Festival
  • Gallery of Modern Art
  • Karen Walker
  • SEEK
  • Burleigh Brewing Co
  • Spotify
  • Nudie Jeans

Check out our Instagram page, for a gallery showcase of our recent work and businesses we've worked with. You're also welcome to pop in and see what we are printing on the day.

Is it safe to pay over the web? 

Our website checkout system is SSL secured and our online payments are hosted by the Commonwealth Bank and Braintree. We also offer PayPal & Bank Transfer for payments as well.

What if I don't have a PayPal account? 

You don't need a PayPal account to check out with our website; you can simply enter your VISA or MASTERCARD details into our checkout system which is hosted by pay pal to keep your details safe. Or you can pay via direct deposit (by checking the direct deposit option in checkout) or over the phone by calling 07 3357 4555.

I have a background on my design that I don't want printed! 

If it's a solid colour background simply email us your artwork to (sales@theprintbar.com) and we will remove it for you free of charge! Or, alternatively, leave a note on your order when you place it online, or use the 'background removal' tool on our website.

How can I ensure my artwork is centered and will print ok? 

We have been printing for years and know that online it can be hard sometimes to centre the artwork 100%. So we take care of centering all artwork for you and if your design is off centre or a pocket print we make sure we get it looking right. If we are unsure we always ring and check to make sure before we print.

We also call if we think your artwork needs any touch ups.

How can I upload scanned images, photo's or sketches? 

The best way to do this is to scan your photo, sketch or anything you want printed that is in a 'hard copy'. Set your scanner settings on 'high detail' or '600dpi'. Then you will have to convert the file type to a jpg or png file. This is easy; either email us your image at sales@theprintbar.com and we can do it for you or simply open the image up and click 'save as' and select jpg or png. If you have a scanned image and want to remove the background then emails you artwork to us and we will discuss the best option for you.

What files can I upload? 

Try use large artwork that is crisp when you zoom in and enlarge it on your computer screen. (in technical terms an image with 200dpi or more is ideal) If you can supply artwork with a transparent background that is also ideal but if you can't don't worry email us at sales@theprintbar.com and we will erase it for you for free!

For one off t shirts png files are the best. For larger orders pdf files are the best.

How do I know my designs / intellectual property & personal information are safe & won't be sold? 

Apart from being legally bound by copyright & intellectual property law to protect your designs. We are a team of artists ourselves and are also a renowned printing company with years of experience. Over the years have printed for many artists, businesses and events which require their designs to be secure. We therefore have a fully secured website which keeps your designs secure in an offline privately run datacentre which is only available to you with a login and password. We never give out samples of your printed designs and your artwork is deleted from our system once printed.

What do the prints look & feel like? 

The prints sit on top of the shirt but have a nice soft hand feel. For smaller runs we use a state of the art Kornit Storm Hexa (the only one in Australia) It gives you a premium retail soft feel. We don't use tacky heat transfers because they look unprofessional and crack, fade and peel after a couple of washes.

What types of printing do you offer? 

We offer digital direct to garment printing (NOT transfers), and traditional silkscreen printing all in house. These processes offer professional print washability.

How long do your prints last for? 

The Print Bar is at the forefront of technology, if you use cold water washes our prints will last for years to come.

How do I wash my garments? 

Check out our infographical page to learn a printers top-tips for keeping your prints vibrant for longer! If you're short on time, however, we've listed the highlights below:

  • Cold water gentle wash inside out
  • Iron inside out (only if you must)
  • Do not tumble dry
  • Don't dry in direct sunlight
Can I bring my own garments? 

Yes. If it's less than 20 units it needs to be at least 70% cotton. If it's over 20 units we can pretty much print on any material.

If you are bringing your own garments, go to our website and place an order for the 'Bring Your Own' product. Then drop in your garment or post it to us and we'll print it for you. Pricing starts at $15.

Can you print on dark garments? 

Yes we can. We use the best quality t shirt printing machine on the planet which lets us print on most fabrics with great vibrant printing results. The machine we use is the Kornit Storm Hexa for our digital prints and Automatic TAS screen printing machines for larger orders.

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