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Print whatever you want,
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Designing and selling t-shirts online

Ever wished there was an easy way to design and sell your work online, or simply just didn’t know what to do to get started? Or, you just wanted to make a few extra bucks selling gear for your online brand, but weren’t sure how you could actually make money doing it?


It’s easy (and free) to get started printing your own designs and selling them online to an international customer base! By using The Print Bar, you can design and sell your shirts by using our platform, which makes screenprinting easy.

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Step 1:
Choose an item from our extensive product range

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Customise your item with our easy Online Designer

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Step 1:
Choose an item from our extensive product range


So how do you get started?

Well, it’s easiest to start with the design process. If you’re an experienced designer, you can use your favorite online program like Adobe Photoshop or InDesign, to create your unique design that you want to print on the shirt. If you’re not as experienced, you might want to try hiring a graphic designer to take care of your design so that you end up with a professional looking shirt.


The goal here is: you want something fresh, unique and original – you want to sell shirts that aren’t already in your customers closets. Do you have an idea that you think will really sell? Then put that design on paper, or hire a designer to put it together for you.


And, if you’re trying to start up your own entrepreneurial business, whether it’s by selling shirts, or advertising your brand and adding shirts to your online catalogue. Shirts can strengthen the power of your brand and make your business and brand more recognizable. You can provide your customers and fans an outlet for expressing their love for your business through a shirt collection, especially if you offer multiple professionally made designs, and international shipping options. With a couple of bucks, you can start a Facebook or Instagram ad campaign and advertise the shirts, appealing to a demographic you might never have reached if you hadn’t spent that five dollars on a quick ad.


The possibilities of your brand are endless.

It’s a great opportunity for entrepreneurs to make a solid name for themselves, and a cheap and quick way to add products to your online store, if you have one or are trying to start one that’s going to be successful. With the basic cost of the shirt (maybe $10, probably less), design costs (if you’re investing in that), shipping costs (depends on where in the world you’re shipping, but this might not cost more than $10), and the estimated selling cost of $25 to your customer, you’ll be making a profit in no time.

Our team screen-printing at The Design Conference 2018

Focus on what you want to do

If you’re going to use screenprinting as part of your online business, you have to choose a print company that’s going to take care of the hard stuff for you once your business gets off its feet. You don’t want to be manually filling orders and handwriting each envelope, stamping and dropping them off at the post office yourself. Instead, you want a dropshipping print company that will print and ship the shirts for you, without you having to be involved in the manual labor part of the process. Your goal is to choose a company that will allow you to have everything become automated – from the moment a customer puts a shirt in their cart, to the moment the shirt ships halfway across the world and lands in their mailbox. With The Print Bar, you can achieve that, and all of your screenprinting goals, all just a few clicks away.

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We're officially one of the best printers in Australia; claiming the title of Optus Business Of The Year at the Lord Mayor's Business Awards in 2017!

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With a 3 day and next day delivery option for Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Hobart, Perth and more, we've always got your back for any urgent, last minute orders!

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Everyone wins! Quality custom garments, delivered direct to your desired destination, anywhere in the entire world for a flat-rate of just $15. 
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Only after one shirt with a quirky print? No problem! After 5000 branded tote bags? No sweat! We'll take on all orders, from one to thousands!

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We've got all of the tools you'll need to unleash the next wave in the fashion or streetwear worlds. And if you want more than retail-quality prints on premium garments, our free drop shipping system is perfect for getting your brand off the ground without any setup fees or risks.
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Need a little help with the design?

   Don't panic! We're as passionate about design as we are about print, so get in touch with our friendly team if a brilliant idea is the only thing you've got, and we'll help you with the rest. From simple designs to deep-etching and complex creations, we'll create a timeless design for your brand or occasion.

Want a competitive edge in the corporate market?

Promotional products and branded merchandise are an invaluable tool to build brand profile, reward customer loyalty, and spread your message. We stock, print, and deliver premium products, from high-end glass waterbottles through to engraved Lamy pens, USBs, keep-cups, and more. 

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