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Adding your own store domain name

You can easily add your own domain name to your store. Do this by going to Store Settings > Add Store Domain Names and instead of using a URL that The Print Bar provies', you could substitute or 'map' your own domain name so that it is ''.

You will first need your own domain name (also called a website address). There are many places you can buy one from such as a domain provider or 'registrar' such as or Crazy Domains. Once you have a domain name you will need to create an 'A Record' or your 'www.CNAME' that points your domain to our IP address. which is Most website providers can walk you through how to do this or simply do it for you. Call their technical support team to walk you through it.


Once you have done this, use the Store Settings > Add Store Domain Names page to map your own domain name to your DecoNetwork domain name by entering it into the New Domain field. Click Add to confirm. Your domain name is then listed in the Existing Store Domains panel of this page.

Note: As a final step, the table of existing domain names will give you the option of removing a domain or of setting it as 'primary'. Click the Set As Primary link to tag your registered domain as the primary domain name. This will now take precedence over your DecoNetwork domain name although you will still be able to access the site via either URL.