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Many of you will know Brisbane is buzzing with activity at the moment, largely due to the delicious festival that is Brewsvegas! But what you may not know is that the seemingly harmonious but brilliant breweries that help us from being too dry have a great rivalry between them.

The Print Bar went undercover to Tippler's Tap to see first hand the frothy underbelly of our breweries and bars!



Written by Christian Winch

Photos by Patrick Graham


Brewsvegas what are you doing to us!?

There have been many brave faces on display at The Print Bar this week but being brave can’t hide bleary eyed. Our team has been hard at work over the past month creating custom shirts for all the wonderful bars and breweries involved with Brewsvegas and this week has been the time to reward all our hard work.

It has been a beery blast since the opening night at Wandering Cooks which, even in the rain, was a roaring success. We have never seen a line for beer move faster, and try as we might we were still unable to sample every item on the menu. The night was a love-in for local breweries and we had never been more spoiled for choice.



While most of us have been relaxing and knocking cold-ones back there has been a rivalry between two titans of industry which has reached a tipping point. The wonderful crew from Milton's The Scratch Bar and the rowdy reprobates at Tipplers Tap have started a prank war the likes of which has not been seen since Curly met Larry and Moe.

Our excitement was barely contained as we witnessed shirtless men with tasseled nipples leap from a box to invade Tipplers Tap and make it rain monopoly money. Signs were vandalised, phony feedback forms were given to patrons, beer bellies flaunted, and then in a flash...they were gone.


Whether this is the end of the pranks or just the beginning remains to be seen. We will be waiting patiently at The Scratch Bar this weekend in the hopes of a Spaghetti Western style shootout.


Who will be next to start a war?

Green Beacon? Newstead Brewing Co?

The festival isn't over yet - we are watching you! 




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